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Underground spills or leaks of petroleum products, industrial chemicals, and wastewaters are serious events which call for thorough geo-engineering solutions. Leaks from UST's must be promptly detected and mitigated. GEO provides services which comply with federal and state regulations, in identifying and managing the underground spill of petroleum products, industrial chemicals, and wastewaters. We investigate the nature of the spill or leak, the subsurface environment, and the risks associated with site specific conditions. Our services include:

         Intensive field surface and subsurface investigation through test pits, soil boring, groundwater monitoring, aquifer testing, soil gas sampling, and geophysical techniques

         Soil and groundwater laboratory studies

         Characterizing site geology/hydrogeology and groundwater modeling to define the nature and the extent of the spill

         Designing effective and economical remedial action programs to clean up or contain contaminants

         Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the remedial system over the life of the remedial program.


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