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UST System Integrity Testing and Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing

Geo Environmental Consultants, Inc., is specialized in leak-detection testing of UST and AST systems. pic_7.gif - 37.32 KGEO's technicians are trained and certified and have been proven in their respective deciplines to surpass the average skill and ability levels. GEO utilizes "Petro Title Alert" technology to test the UST's and "Acurite Line Test" to test the product lines.

Geo's UST system testing services include the following;

         Underfill tank test: for liquid section

         Ullage tank test: for empty section

         Line test; for suction and pressurized product lines

Figure 8Helium test; for locating leaking sections of the tank or lines

         Stage-II vapor recovery test; for testing the tightness of vapor recovery system, blockage, rate of product flow, and air to liquid volume ratio.


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