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GEO's environmental site assessments (ESAs) have ranged in scope from preliminary site evaluation to full scale environmental comprehensive studies and remedial investigations. Figure 1Our range of services reflects the extensive variation in client needs, site characteristics, and local, regional and federal regulations. GEO's site evaluations enable clients to make sound business decisions which limit financial liabilities associated with contaminated properties. A team of professional geologists and professional engineers, who are very experienced in conducting ESAs, direct project work and report efforts.

Geo utilizes the phase approach to ESAs. Although we usually customize the ESA program to the client's needs, these phases generally take the following forms:


ESA Phase-I focuses on existing or potential problem areas. An ESA Phase-I involves the identification, investigation, and evaluation of the natural and pre-existing conditions of the properties which may incur liability, pose development constraints, or cause difficulty with the compliance requirements as defined by the following environmental statutes:

         CERCLA of 1980 as amended by SARA of 1986;

         Toxic Substance Control Act;

         RCRA as amended by SWDA of 1984; and

         Corresponding state and local statutes.

GEO's ESA Phase-I services include:

         Preliminary site inspection;

         Inventory of hazardous materials;

         Site historical review;

         Analysis of hydrogeological characteristics;

         Review of the federal, state and local regulatory agency records and inquiries;

         Interviews with curren/previous owners and neighbors;

         Identification of potential risks; and

         Identification of necessary actions required to correct, reduce or minimize risks.

Environmental Site Assessment Phase-II

Figure 2GEO recommends Environmental Site Assessment Phase-II if (1) information collected during ESA Phase-I indicates the possible presence of contaminants at the site, or (2) if more in-depth specific information is required to make a decision.

ESA Phase-II methodology includes the following:

         Comprehensive asbestos/lead survey;

         Characterizing waste materials;

         Groundwater monitoring and modeling to define contaminant behavior;

         Soil and groundwater laboratory studies;

         Drilling exploratory holes to obtain and test soil and groundwater samples; and

         Collecting enough data needed to design effective remedial action program


In many cases, a site may be remediated to comply with regulatory statutes. GEO's remedial investigations determine the following:

         Identification of feasible remedial alternatives;

         Cost comparison of various remedial alternatives; and

         Designing and implementing cost effective programs to clean up or to contain contaminants.

Geo has experience in designing and implementing effective solutions to remove, contain, stabilize, and treat the contamination. Our experience in remedial solutions includes such technologies as:

         Interceptor systems for underground spills or leaks isolation and recovery;

         Injection/withdrawl systems;

         Air stripping of volatile solvents;

         Venting gases from waste chemicals in the ground;

         Enhanced bioremediation to break down the hazardous compounds in soil; and

         Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil.

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