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The Petroleum Storage Tank division (PST) of the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission (TNRCC)Figure 3 has developed a risk-based corrective action program to manage the vast number of Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites. This program is cost effective and is protective of human health and environments. The risk-based corrective action approach enables the TNRCC and the responsible party to focus remediation efforts and resources first on those LUST sites where public and environments are of most concern.

Geo Environmental Consultants, Inc., is certified by the TNRCC as a Corrective Action Specialist and our risk assessment team consist of a registered professional engineer, a corrective action project manager, and a support staff which holds bachelor degrees in environmental science. Figure 4

GEO's risk assessment team can bring knowledge and vast experience to your project and would get approval from the regulatory agencies to conduct risk-based assessment, establish target clean-up levels, prioritize the site, design remedial action plan, groundwater monitoring, and facility closure under Plan A or Plan B target levels.


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